Recycling General Information

The Wood County Solid Waste Management District is dedicated to furthering the recycling opportunities throughout the county. We do this through a number of different programs, events, educational opportunities, and grants. We are required by state law to ensure that there is adequate infrastructure to give residents and commercial businesses opportunities to recycle solid waste. Depending on where you live within Wood County will determine what type of recycling service you have – curbside or drop-off recycling.  Please reference the links on this page to find what service you have and what you need to know about that service.

The Wood County Solid Waste Management District Recycling/Management Infrastructure Inventory provides a summary of recycling opportunities within the county.

Looking to increase recycling at your event?

We can help your group with recycling efforts. ClearStream Recycling Containers are available for loan.  Trash barrels are also available for loan to assist with collection efforts during events.

Please contact us at 419-354-9297 for more information.

In order to secure your date and arrange for pickup, arrangements must be made with our office no later than one week prior to your event.  A Container Loan Application must be completed and signed prior to your event.

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