We hope to see you at these upcoming events!

Wood County Fair (July 29 -August 5) – We will be in a new location across from the Democrat and Republican booths!  

Composting 101 Workshop – Join SWMD on 8/28 from 6:30-7:30 at Wood County Park District Headquarters (18729 Mercer Road, Bowling Green) for a presentation on various ways to compost at home and how it can benefit you and the environment!

2019 Billboard Contest

Lydia Mullins, Bowling Green Middle School

Lillian Fletcher, Glenwood Elementary School

In 2019, we had two contests, one for K-4th and one for 5th-7th grade.  The K-4th grade winner was Lillian Fletcher, a 2nd grader from Glenwood Elementary in Rossford.  The 5th-7th grade winner was Lydia Mullins, a 7th grader from Bowling Green Middle School.  Lillian’s billboard was displayed on Dixie Highway, south of 5 Point Road and Lydia’s was featured on State Route 25 and State Route 582 from April 29th – May 26th.  Congratulations!!

Results of our 2017 Tire Amnesty Event

Our totals are showing a collection of 3,607 tires from 429 residents.  The tires filled nearly 4 semi-trailers and were hauled away by Liberty Tire to be recycled properly.  This event was funded by a grant through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  At this time no plans are in place for a future event.     

Residents are encouraged to use our Household Recycling Guide for a list of locations accepting tires for proper disposal on a daily basis.    

Hosting an event of your own?

We can assist your group with recycling and trash collection efforts.  ClearStream recycling containers and trash barrels are available for loan.

In order to secure your date and arrange for pickup, arrangements must be made with our office no later than one week prior to your event.  A Container Loan Application must be completed and signed prior to your event.

Please contact us at 419-354-9297 for more information.

Interested in purchasing your own ClearStream recycling containers? Go to https://www.clearstreamrecycling.com/default.asp