Education General Information

The Wood County Solid Waste Management District offers presentations, tours, and resources for all ages and sizes of groups.
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Teacher Resource Guide

The Wood County Solid Waste District recently updated our Teacher Resource Guide.

Please keep a copy at your desk for a quick reference to the programs we offer and our contact information. Feel free to download a copy – Educator’s Resource Guide

Green Living

This past year we have been busier than ever! It seems being “green” has become a new way of life and is finally working its way into our daily choices!

Want to see how you are doing? We have explored a few of the Eco/Carbon Footprint websites that are currently available, and have found many of them to be fun and educational tools for influencing greener choices. Great for use in groups, classroom settings, or individuals, these sites not only assess your current choices, but help you to decrease your footprint on the earth by providing helpful suggestions for improving your score.

Visit the links below, and please contact us for more information on proper waste disposal, recycling opportunities, and green living solutions. We would be more than happy to present at your school, club meeting, or other group events!

Earth Day Network

Conservation International:

Environmental Protection Agency’s Carbon Emissions Quiz: 

Global Footprint Network