Below is a list of our current presentations. The length of the presentation varies depending on which presentation you select, the age group, and your needs.

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Edible Landfills & Trashology 101

Participants will learn how trash is managed with an emphasis on sanitary landfills.  The construction process and technology behind landfills is shown as the participants build their own landfill model out of food items.  This landfill can then be eaten at the end of the presentation!  Appropriate for 3rd Grade-Adult.  Approximately 45 minutes.

The Wartville Wizard

Participants will color stick hand puppets from the book The Wartville Wizard and then read the book in an interactive story telling session.  Appropriate for PreK-1st Grade.  Approximately 45 minutes.

The Happy Recyclables

Young learners will hear about the basics of recycling as recyclables come to life (milk jug, tin can, aluminum beverage can, etc.).  Pairs nicely with the Litter Playground presentation.  Appropriate for PreK-1st Grade.

Paper Making

Participants will take old, used paper and create new, handmade paper products to make useable items such as writing paper, jewelry, art projects, or seed packets.  Appropriate for All Ages.  Approximately 45 minutes.

Litter Playground

Participants learn how litter harms our Earth and the importance of recycling.  They are given the opportunity to help clean up the mess on our large litter playground scene while learning how to sort recyclables and compostables from the trash. They also will learn what common recyclables are turned into when they are recycled.  Appropriate for PreK-1st Grade.  Approximately 45 minutes.

Fred the Fish

Fred, a pretend fish, lives in a cool and clean river but when he decides to travel down stream he discovers that people are polluting his stream.  Participants help demonstrate what pollution does to our water with the use of household materials that give the visual effect of pollution.  During the demonstration, a discussion is lead about what can be done to prevent the contamination of our water.  Appropriate for All Ages.  Approximately 30-45 minutes.

Home Safe Home

Home Safe Home is an informative presentation about the possible hazards of using chemical cleaners in the home.  It offers safe alternatives to common household cleaners with cleaning recipes made from inexpensive ingredients such as baking soda and lemon juice.  The presentation includes demonstrations and the opportunity to make home-friendly products, as well as several take home guides and information sheets.  Appropriate for 5th Grade-Adult.  Approximately 45 minutes.

Newspaper Pots

A presentation that promotes recycling and reuse by allowing participants to make their own flower pots out of old newspaper.  Educational handouts and displays on decomposition are available for use with the project.  Pairs nicely with other presentations, such as Composting & Vermicomposting.  Appropriate for All Ages.

Michael Recycle

Participants are read the book “Michael Recycle” and discuss the benefits of recycling and waste reduction.  After the book reading and discussion, the presentation concludes with a craft project to supplement the book.  Students use old newspapers to make hats and capes similar to the ones that Michael wears in the book.  Appropriate for PreK-2nd Grade.  Approximately 45 minutes.

Compost & Vermicompost

This presentation can be tailored to any age group/setting depending on your needs and expectations.  A Powerpoint presentation on the “whys and hows” of composting is available, as well as, several composting activities.  Some examples include the WOW activity and “YIMBY’s,”.  We can also teach you how to build your own Vermicomposting Bin for your classroom!

Recycling 101

Looking to increase recycling opportunities at home, school, or in your workplace?  Not sure what resources are available or where to begin?  We are here to help!  Whether you are just beginning a new collection program or need a refresher on what can be recycled, we can work with you to develop a presentation specific to your needs.  Several educational handouts are available, as well as, examples of products made from various recycled materials.  We can also provide you with tips to coordinate a collection system and the proper bins for the separation of recyclables.

Windows on Waste

Many of our presentations have been obtained or adapted from the Windows on Waste Curriculum.  Windows on Waste (WOW) is an elementary, interdisciplinary, environmental studies activity guidebook published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Recycling & Litter Prevention (ODNR/DRLP) to help educators teach students about solid waste and environmental issues. Lessons were thoroughly developed and tested with the help of educators from across the state.  Recently, the activities were correlated with Ohio’s new standards, the Academic Content Standards, for grades K-5!

Each year, new presentations may be added or modified. Please contact our office with questions or to determine if we can provide a presentation to meet your needs.