WOOD COUNTY’S 24/7 RESIDENTIAL MIXED RECYCLING DROP-OFF PROGRAM IS OPEN WITH 12 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU.  Sites may be closed temporarily if the bins are filled before the next service date.  Recycling bins are emptied weekly except for Perrysburg Township which is emptied bi-weekly.  We are unable to add additional service dates or bins at this time.  Please do not leave any materials outside of bins as this is considered illegal dumping and/or littering.









Mission Statement

The Solid Waste Management District is responsible for overseeing and implementing the solid waste plan within Wood County in order to assure there is sufficient landfill capacity available to dispose of local waste. This is done through the development of recycling opportunities for residents within Wood County. We are required to ensure that 90% of the county residents have access to recycling or to provide data that at least 25% of residential materials are recycled. Our office, additionally, is responsible for the operation of the Wood County Landfill.

We are dedicated to educating the community about safe disposal of solid waste and recycling. Not only do we participate in community events to provide information and educate the public, but we also have educational presentations and materials available for local schools and community organizations.

This department operates under the direction of the Board of Wood County Commissioners
Doris I. Herringshaw, Ed.D., Craig LaHote, Dr. Theodore H. Bowlus

View a copy of the Wood County Solid Waste Management District Ratified Plan 2017.


Wood County Public Records Policy



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