Dispose of latex paint by drying with kitty litter or sawdust. Once dried, latex paint may be discarded with household trash. Empty paint cans and lids can be recycled with scrap metal.

  • Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity Restore-LATEX PAINT ONLY!* (Fee Charged)   Address: 1310 Conant Street   Maumee, OH 43537 $2 per gallon container (Latex Paint Only!  Must be in original container.)  *Collected paint is shipped to ePaint Recycling where it is recycled into “Everybody’s  Paint” and sold in Habitat for Humanity Restores.
  • Environmental Recycling (Fee Charged)
    Address: 527 E. Woodland Circle
    Bowling Green, Ohio 43042
    Phone: 800-284-9107
  • Heritage Environmental Services (Fee Charged)
    Address: 5451 Enterprise Blvd.
    Toledo, Ohio 43612
    Phone: 419-729-1321